Ways to Walk More Outdoors

Ways to Walk More Outdoors

Ways to Walk More Outdoors

Want to be someone who gets regular exercise, but not in a gym or by using a treadmill in your home? If so, walking is a wonderful choice! It is one of the best forms of exercise for many reasons, with the ability to do it anywhere outside being one of the main reasons. Keep reading to find out how you can walk more outdoors.

Find a Park Nearby

Walking at a park provides some unique benefits you just won’t get from walking in your neighborhood or going to the gym to use a treadmill. It allows you to keep your walk interesting, often prevents you from only walking on flat ground, and of course includes beautiful outdoor scenery as well.

If the park is close enough to your house, consider just walking there, instead of driving. Once you get there, see if there are trails to walk, or if they have a paved walking path. You are able to enjoy the sights, watch kids play and dogs have fun, while also getting in some good exercise.

Look for the Outdoor Scenery

In addition to a park, you might have other places in your city or town that provides some beautiful scenery to actually make your walk more enjoyable. Depending on where you live, this could be a hiking trail in the mountains, a pond or lake with a walking path that goes all the way around, or a beach where you can either walk on the paved path with a view of the ocean, or on the sand itself. When you have a beautiful view and fresh air, the walk doesn’t even feel like a workout.

Go on a Hike

Why not improve your fitness while also walking? Hiking is a little more challenging than just walking on flat ground, but so worth it! When you choose to go on a hike, you get these unique benefits:

It works more muscles and becomes a better cardio workout.

There is usually a specific walking path that tells you how many whiles you will walk.

It is a great workout to bring friends or family on.

Find More Outdoor Activities

Start paying attention to events coming up in your area, and look for ones that take place outdoors. There are so many ways to get in more steps outdoors, without even really thinking about it as exercise. Here are a few ideas:

Go to a nearby farmer’s market or street fair.

Sign up for a 5k and join it with friends.

Go to a local festival.

Join a local walking group.

It is really easy way to walk more outdoors, even when you don’t feel like it’s a workout.


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