Ways to Walk More Indoors

Ways to Walk More Indoors

Ways to Walk More Indoors

If you want to add more walking to your daily exercise routine, but don’t like walking outside or are stuck inside because of inclement weather, don’t worry! There are many ways to get your steps in from the comfort of your home, or by going to other places where you can walk indoors.

Do You Have Access to a Treadmill?

The most obvious suggestion is to use a treadmill if you want to walk indoors. Think if this is a good option for you, whether you have one at home or can make it to a gym. Treadmills definitely make it convenient when you need to walk, but can’t get outside. Maybe the weather is too cold, there is construction right outside your house, or you aren’t a big of the gym. It is a big investment, but it can be worth it if you plan to use it on a regular basis.

Cleaning and Chores Every Day

If you are used to doing most of your cleaning just once a week, it is probably a great workout that day, but you are missing out on it for the rest of the week. Another option is to do a little bit of your cleaning or chores every day, which allows you to increase your daily steps.

This actually creates more steps in your day than you might have imagined. It is going to encourage you to do more around the house, and maybe walk up and down the stairs while cleaning and organizing, or finish projects you have been avoiding, like cleaning out the garage or working on your garden outside.

Find Places You Can Walk (Indoors)

Sometimes, you want to walk indoors, but not necessarily at home. This is when indoor places with air conditioning and lots of walking space come in handy. Maybe you typically like to walk outside, but it’s in the dead of summer and the last thing you want to do is walk around your neighborhood in 100 degree weather, but not necessarily walk inside your home.

On days like this, it is the perfect opportunity to drive to the mall, go visit a museum, or bring your kids to the aquarium. These are mostly indoor places that allow you to get tons of walking in, while being inside a comfortable and temperature-controlled environment.

YouTube Walking Fitness Videos

If you want to get a full walking workout inside your home, but without a treadmill, check YouTube for walking fitness videos. There are a lot of great options! These videos take you through a warm up and stretching routine, to walking throughout the 30-60 minutes. They keep it interesting by adding in some other moves as well, like leg lifts and side steps, which are going to use more muscles and create more of a cardio workout.


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