Tips for Finding the Right Walking Shoes

Tips for Finding the Right Walking Shoes

Tips for Finding the Right Walking Shoes

Before you start a new walking routine, make sure you are wearing the right shoes! Believe it or not, running shoes are not always ideal if you just plan to walk or go on hikes. The type of walking you will do is what is going to determine which shoes you should be getting. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right walking shoes for you.

Where Will You Wear the Walking Shoes?

It is important to understand where you will wear the walking shoes so that you can find the perfect footwear. If you are going to walk on slippery surfaces, then you might want slip-resistant soles on the shoes. Alternatively, when you are going to walk in muddy or snowy locations, you should select shoes that have a higher top so that your ankles don’t get wet.

Understand the Size of Your Feet

You should have your feet measured to determine the width and length of your feet. In most cases, if you are walking a lot, then your feet will swell in the late afternoon or early evening, so shopping for shoes at these times is recommended. Make sure to choose shoes that have a small amount of space near the toes, but also, bring along the socks that you plan to wear while walking in the footwear.

Durable and Waterproof Shoes

When you are walking most of the day or night, it is essential to have waterproof shoes that are durable. Flimsy fabric shoes won’t protect your feet while you are walking for several miles, and if your feet are wet, then you are more likely to develop blisters on your feet. Read the labels on the boxes of shoes, or alternatively, look inside the shoes to learn more about the product’s features.

Sturdy Arch Supports

Walking for long distances can damage the arches in your feet, so make sure that the shoes that you buy have sturdy arch supports inside. Some shoes will have higher arches than others do, but if you walk in the footwear store, then you can see if the arches feel comfortable. In addition, you can also add orthotics to your walking shoes to protect your feet while you are walking each day.

The Height of the Heel

You should never wear shoes with high heels when you plan to walk a lot, but some individuals enjoy wearing flat-soled shoes while others prefer shoes with a low heel. It is also important to choose shoes that don’t slip on your heels while you are walking because this can lead to having blisters. Remember that tight shoes will loosen slightly as you wear the items, but you shouldn’t wear shoes that hurt your feet.


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