The Power of Journaling: a Prayer Journal

The Power of Journaling

Sharing Your Story

Whether it’s in a journal or with a women’s group, sharing your story is empowering. Everybody has a story to share. Your story is your test in life, and also it becomes your testimony. If you don’t know what your story is, just start writing. Eventually, if you do decide to share, just know that it will be helpful to others to hear your story.

Keep A Prayer Journal

Be unafraid of writing about your thoughts, fears, anxieties, and worries. Write daily prayers asking for help from God, asking for a confirmation or affirmation on what is going on. Later on, you can look back and see how these prayers were answered, motivated you, and inspired you. You can also get creative, and write poems.

Create A Mantra

Every page should have a mantra like, “I am confident. I am beautiful. I am here. I am whole.” Phrases that reaffirm the positive attributes about yourself. They’re important because it puts you in control of your story. The words that you use to describe yourself are the ones that you will start believing, so why not have them be positive? Keep repeating it, and let yourself embody those positive messages.

Enhance Your Life

If you don’t find yourself in a challenging period in your life, journaling can still be beneficial. Make it a habit, and continue writing your thoughts out instead of keeping them inside. If there are challenges coming up, you can look back at the difference in the mindset you were in prior to the challenges. It will definitely enhance your life, so get to writing!

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