The Lazy Person’s Guide To Getting More Exercise

The Lazy Person’s Guide To Getting More Exercise

The title of this article is somewhat of a humorous gesture to those of us who know we should get more exercise but can’t seem to make it happen. You may actually consider yourself lazy, but if so, this discussion will still be beneficial.

However, the word lazy as it pertains to the title above can be substituted for a large number of descriptors applicable to today’s population. Examples such as busy, overwhelmed, unmotivated or misinformed are all, unfortunately, are all accurate insertions for a lot of us.

On a positive note, whether you simply cannot stand the thought of walking into the gym or find yourself without a sliver of spare time to workout, you can still get more exercise in your daily routine. There are very small tweaks to be made in even the busiest of schedules that allow anyone to get moving more and improve their overall fitness.

To illustrate this point, we are going to point out a few ways to increase your exercise intake without monumentally disrupting your everyday routine.

Leave The Elevator Alone

I am confident there are more than a few of you reading this article that could not point someone to the stairwell at your place of work. In the mindless hustle to and from your office or workspace, hopping on the elevator is the overwhelmingly preferred option. After all, traversing flight after dreaded flight of stairs to your destination is hard!

Here’s the thing: it is supposed to be a little hard. Something as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator is an almost automatic way to increase your amount of exercise.

This is true even if your trek only requires a couple flights of stairs. While you will hopefully not reach the top gasping for air, climbing the stairs does provide a brief period of exercise. Fortunately for us, the body has no way of knowing if you are working out in the gym or getting to your office. If your muscles are being challenged and heart race increased, trust and believe, you are exercising!

Rethink Your Commute

Unless you live a pretty significant distance from your place of work, or any other location you visit on a regular basis, getting there and back is another great opportunity for easy exercise. Oftentimes, we pile into our vehicles to travel somewhere less than a mile or two from home. This ingrained habit is a missed opportunity to improve our physical health.

Make no mistake; I am not saying you have to don your full marathon outfit and race full speed to work. To be honest, any mode of transportation that uses your own energy as the fuel source will do the trick.

Riding a bicycle, a brisk jog or even a leisurely walk are all viable alternatives to driving. Not only will you mitigate wear and tear on your car and burn less gas, you will simultaneously improve your body’s ability to manage mileage and burn more calories!

Take A Stand

In our world today, sitting down is basically a health crisis. For many of us, the only portion of the day not spent sitting is when we lie down in bed! Not only does sitting cause tightness and muscle imbalances due to the often-poor posture assumed, we are also not burning any excess calories.

We have all seen the guy at work with the standing desk. As a matter of fact, many of us have enjoyed a nice joke about this person in the break room. Fortunately, you don’t have to be that guy to sit less and move around more.

Simple modifications to your day such as walking around to take your calls, standing to stretch every fifteen minutes or so or even a quick trip to the water fountain and back can really add up.


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