Staying Motivated to Exercise

Staying Motivated to Exercise


Let’s talk about how to stay motivated to exercise during holiday season, vacation, or any time something disrupts your regular routine.

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How I stay motivated

1. I use to schedule exercise time in my calendar; literally set a regular appointment to exercise

2. Schedule set time of day to exercise when there are the least amount of distractions

  • For me, that’s early in the morning so that I can finish my walk, then shower change and start work on time.

  • Its before anything else has a chance to interfere

3. I’m rather strict. Make it a non-negotiable priority

  • I don’t say to myself, "I’ll go for a walk if I feel like it" or If the weather is nice or etc.

  • Alarm goes off, I get up, get dressed, stretch, and walk out the door. Period.

  • I even lay my clothes out the night before so there’s nothing to think about in the morning.

  • I check the forecast the night before so that I know what temp to expect and have the right clothes ready.

  • I establish the backup plan if the forecast looks sketchy…all done the night before the walk.

  • I stick to a walking/exercise plan during holidays also.

Now, I realized that what I’m describing might sound a bit too strict to someone who’s just trying to get started and stay motivated and wants to use a different approach.

Perhaps you’re listening to this and thinking, this would be fun to do with a group. And I actually think that is a very good idea.

Here is an idea for you that you can put into action at any time

If you have a group of friends, coworkers, neighbors, church group, or group of family members who are interested in improving their health also, then consider starting a challenge for the holiday season.

The holidays are usually difficult for people to keep health a priority, and most people tend to put off any kind of healthy lifestyle goals until the holiday season is over. However, I urge you to consider this as a good alternative plan to letting your health become such a low priority during the holidays. After all, Your health problems and conditions don’t take the holidays off.

Decide to set your individual goals or set a goal for the group. For example, set an individual or group steps goal for a certain number of steps over a set period of time….a month or a set period of time that covers the holiday season.

Set a date to get started

The holidays are usually a little more difficult than other times of the year for people to stay on track with fitness, eating, and overall health goals.

Keep it positive and motivating

Share updates during your group meetings or create a Facebook group as a checkpoint if you live in different areas.

No penalties for anyone who falls short, but offer positive reinforcement and encouragement.


Action Steps

For My Health Today Journal

We are all well aware of what we’re not doing, or feel overwhelmed by all of the things that we should be doing to take better care of ourselves and live a healthier lifestyle. For one reason or another, we just feel stuck where we are, knowing we should be doing something, but just can’t seem to get started or don’t know where to start. For My Health Today Journal, along with listening to this podcast, helps you break that cycle and start taking positive steps toward improving your health, one day at a time….starting today!

The Walking Club

The Walking Club was created after this podcast episode was originally published, and is an excellent option for getting started with walking at any fitness level, and staying motivated year-round. Click this link to request your Getting Started Guide and learn more about The Walking Club.

Alright everyone, until next time…have a fantastic rest of your day!

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