Making Changes on the Corporate Level, for Working Mothers

Making Changes on the Corporate Level

Making Corporate Changes for Working Mothers

Liz(Elizabeth Simpler) from the Working Mama Collective Public Health Consulting (WMC Public Health Consulting) is a public health professional that has worked for over 10 years with clients and populations to improve health, wellness, and create preventative health measures in fitness and nutrition services. She believes in today’s day and age women shouldn’t have to choose between career and children.

Working Mama Collective

The Working Mama Collective is a consulting service has two purposes. Firstly, it works one on one with women, as well as in group settings. Their focus is on offering support for the transition of becoming a parent, whether that’s through birth or adoption. Secondly, it helps businesses to help their women in the workplace. Their focus is to help their working mothers become more productive to retain them, whether that’s through policy change, support groups, workshops, or coaching.

Women Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Motherhood and Career

Liz believes women shouldn’t have to choose one or the other. If women love working as well as having a family, they shouldn’t be forced to choose one. Liz’s three core values are autonomy, creativity, and flexibility. She enjoys being an entrepreneur because she gets to manage her own schedule to be a mother her children. Her deep belief in this is why her business consults businesses on how to better be inclusive of mothers and making sure their policies accommodate them.

Offering Support For All Motherhood Situations

Liz was thrust into motherhood as a step-mom. It’s a situation that isn’t often talked about like having a step-child of another race. There’s a misconception that the level of care is not equal to that of a biological mother. Since there wasn’t a place of support for the situation she was in, she had to create her own. She decided to create a community so women can be fully embraced, and not be judged. It is also an issue that occurs within the workplace by those who don’t have children judging, and not being empathetic to women who do.

The Workplace

Liz was trying to take care of her step-children that were very sick, and she was punished at work for rearranging her client meetings to accommodate her days off. Their response was that they couldn’t relate because they didn’t have children. This experience drove her to the consulting that she offers now to various organizations from businesses to hospitals, and universities. She revamps wellness programs and trains professionals on how to be more inclusive of working moms. She surveys the workforce to see how they feel about the workplace, strategizes how to create better schedules for mothers, and increases productivity by giving more flexibility and support to their workers.

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