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Walking For My Health Today

This episode provides and introduction and welcome to the podcast, giving you a bit of background information as well as what to expect on upcoming episodes.

Who I am

My name is Dr. Charlotte Hughes Huntley. I’m a public health epidemiologist, professor, and consultant.

Over the years I’ve been able to combine my professional knowledge, education, and my personal experiences in a way that has helped me mange my own chronic conditions and improve the quality of my life.

The reason that I’ve started this podcast is because I want to help others who are also faced with the daily challenges of improving health and managing chronic conditions in their own lives as well.

Why do a podcast? Here are 5 reasons why I chose this podcast platform

1. I’m a personal fan of podcast and listen regularly to my favorite show which provide me with personal and professional development

2. Free platform – that almost eliminates a barrier to entry, giving so many people the opportunity to tune in

3. Listen from anywhere around the world! So my family, friends, and even my colleagues are able to listen.

4. It is easy and convenient! You can Listen while commuting to and from work, traveling, running errands and doing chores, exercising. I listen to my favorite podcasts during my early morning walks every day

5. I also host another podcast show for public health career professionals, and it has been an amazing experience and very popular show in my industry. If you’re a public health professional you should check it out. (Public Health Epidemiology Careers Podcast – available in iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and most places where podcasts are found)

My inspiration for this podcast comes from a few groups that I think are important to mention here:

1. My family – As I moved from healthcare and the concept of treating one patient at a time, into public health where the focus is on the impact of diseases among populations of peopIe, I really wanted to be able to make a difference in my family. I saw how certain chronic illnesses had impacted my family over the years. Particularly diabetes, with my maternal grandmother, my mother, several aunts and uncles and cousins. It's also important to mention how high blood pressure and heart disease had also taken the lives of some of my family members far too early.

2. Women – women as a population, women’s health issues, busy working women, single mom’s, strong high-functioning multi-tasking women who do it all!

3. And then there is the subpopulation of African American and women of color who suffer from many health issues at a higher rate

4. My neighbors – I’m talking about people living in any of the Southeastern states here in the US, where we carry a heavy burden of obesity, type 2 diabetes, other conditions that are related to obesity.

All of these groups play a significant role in me deciding to develop this podcast and going big in a platform like this. I mean, the health problems that impact my family, women, aa women and women of color, my neighbors in the south eastern us are all big…so if I’m going to try to help then I also need to go big, right?

Who it is for?

This podcast is for…

Anyone who feels overwhelmed by busy day to day life and don’t feel like they have time to focus on health…and keep putting it off…don’t know where to start…or don’t feel like their little steps will even matter

This podcast is for…

Anyone who wants to get started but feel lack of support system

This podcast is for…

For anyone who has the desire to do more and want to take action

You don’t have to be a member of my family, female, or even live in one of the southeastern states…if you care about your health and want to be encouraged and inspired, then this podcast is for you!

What this podcast is NOT?

  • This is not a show providing medical advice

  • Please do not send me an email describing your conditions and asking me what to do.

You need to consult with your medical doctor before applying any tips, suggestions, recommendations, and ideas shared on this podcast.

I’m simply sharing my health journey with you (the good, the bad, and yes…sometimes it will be ugly),

I’m willing to be a visible example, sharing the lessons that I’ve learned and the lessons that I will be learning….as I learn them, along the way.

My hope is that by doing so you will be encouraged to take action in your own lives.

What can you expect?

You can expect episodes to be published every Monday and Thursday.

They will be heavily focused on physical activity and type 2 diabetes, but I will also cover common conditions that are associated with diabetes and topics that you just can’t ignore like nutrition and dealing with every day challenges of managing all of this.

The journal:

I’ve also created For My Health Today Journal, which is a 90-day health journal.

Realizing that we are often well aware of the many things that we are NOT doing, or not doing well, my approach in this journal is to highlight positive behaviors and encourage forward progress.

Listening to this podcast will complement the journal, encouraging you to learn more about health conditions and move forward toward better health.

You can order your copy of the journal at

Thank you again for tuning in. I’m so excited about the information that I will be sharing on the upcoming episodes.


Action Steps:

Be sure to visit, and click the option at the bottom of the page to join our community. You’ll receive occasional updates from me with relevant information about what’s coming up within our community and other valuable resources as well.

Alright everyone, until next time…have a fantastic rest of your day!


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