How Expressing Gratitude Helps with Health and Wellness

Expressing Gratitude Helps with Health and Wellness

How Expressing Gratitude Helps with Health and Wellness

Whether you believe it or not, the vibes you put out into the world work to attract things to your life or keep them away. If you’re a negative pessimist always in a bad mood, you’re going to attract people who feed that negativity rather than people with a bright outlook and optimism. Your life won’t change for the better, and you won’t find life any easier when you continue to live with so much negativity. You don’t have to believe this if you don’t want, but you should try to see how changing to an attitude of gratitude can affect your life and health.

Expressing What You’re Grateful for Makes You Focus on Good Things

The next time your morning starts off on the wrong foot, try sitting down for a few moments to find three to five things you’re grateful for. Write them down and read them aloud to yourself. You’ll feel instantly better because you forced yourself to focus on some of the good things in your life rather than the bad things you perceive are happening to you that morning. Your mood changes, your outlook changes, and your day changes.

Your Gratitude Affects Others

When you focus on gratitude, it affects everyone in your life. The people you live with notice the shift in your mood, and they respond to that. They become happier by default, and they want to express their own gratitude. Before you know it, everyone in your home is happier than they’ve ever been and stress levels are lower. This is a great health benefit.

Gratitude Creates a Good Mood

Gratitude is infectious, and it’s infectious in a good way. When you feel good about life, you almost feel high on life. The rush is so good you just want to feel it again and again, so you find yourself looking for a way to make it happen. Exercise is a good way to get that rush of healthy endorphins, so you might find yourself focusing on exercise more often.

Now that you’re exercising more and focusing your attitude on one of gratitude, you’re going to find yourself feeling much better about life. You’re more positive, you’re happier, and your entire life begins to change. You have a better outlook, which means stress melts away. You take on a new viewpoint when negative things happen, and you find yourself feeling better from the inside out.

Focusing on the good things in life is always a better idea than focusing on the bad ones. You have a choice to make, and it's easier to make that choice when you’re feeling good about life. You are in complete control of how you feel. If you’re feeling down and out, it’s up to you to change that.


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