Helpful Accessories When Walking Outdoors

Helpful Accessories When Walking Outdoors

Are you planning on doing most of your walking outdoors? Will you be going long distances, such as going on hikes? If so, you definitely want to consider some of these accessories and tools.

Insoles and Socks for Walking

If you intend to do your walking outdoors, you might be walking on different terrain, which requires cushioned socks and insoles in your shoes. If you fail to get insoles or the right cushioning in your shoes, you might end up with sores, blisters, and very tired feet.

Cushioned socks are great for people who walk or run, and are ideal if you intend to do a lot of trail walking or hiking. They won’t feel like padding, just like a little extra thickness on your feet. But do wear the cushioned socks when buying new shoes so they still fit properly.

Another option is to get some orthotic insoles, which provides even more cushion on the bottom of your feet. Trust us – your feet will thank you.

Water Bottle

Don’t forget your water bottle! You won’t have water as accessible when walking outdoors, as if you use a treadmill at the gym or in your own home. You need water when you add in extra workouts, no matter what the climate is. Don’t assume that if it’s cold, you can skip the water. Get an insulated, stainless steel water bottle that includes a secure lid. A lid with a loop that you can easily hold onto while you’re walking is a great feature as well.

Fanny Pack (bounce free)

Bounce-free fanny packs are great for both walking and running. These go around your waist and are lightweight, and built to not bounce every time you take a step. They can help keep your hands free by holding your phone, keys, wallet, and anything else you want to bring with you when you walk.

It is also a good way to hold safety items, like a small first aid kit, a whistle to call out for help, and pepper spray. Don’t underestimate the need to have emergency supplies just in case.


Technology is essential for outdoor walking! Your phone is of course first in line, as it can do just about everything you need. If you don’t have a fitness tracker, you can track your steps and route with a variety of different apps. You will also have WiFi in case you need it, and a way to call for help if you have an injury on your walk.

Another option for technology is to get a fitness tracker, such as a Fitbit or an Apple Watch. This further helps to track your workout when you are outside.


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