Addressing the Challenges of Working Mothers

Addressing the Challenges of Working Mothers

Challenges of Working Mothers

Giana Vasconcellos from the Working Mama Collective Public Health Consulting (WMC Public Health Consulting) joins us today to share the challenges she faced as a new working mother, and the solutions that she came up with to address these issues. She also shares the consulting services that she has available for other working mothers needing help.

Desire to Be With Her Child

Giana’s shares her story where she achieved her childhood goal of being a businesswoman in the corporate world and then had a son. She was hit with the challenge of not wanting to leave her son at all or leaving them with third-party caretakers. She went back to work eventually where she found herself breaking down and crying during her commute because she was dealing with isolation, anxiety, and depression.

Building A Community

After this experience, Giana decided to create a Facebook group called the Working Mama Collective. She soon realized that it just wasn’t enough to be there for each other in a Facebook group. That’s when she decided the idea of consulting and coaching would be the most impactful way to contribute. Her business partner Liz agreed and noted that the corporate world needed this as well.

Holistic Health Coaching

The coaching services available are holistic, so that you are taken care of in every possible way. Learn how to balance the identity of a working mom. How to avoid common pitfalls such as being in a constant rush, eating late, eating in the break room, skipping dinner, etc. that are not allowing you to be the best version of yourself. She also teaches ways to help with productivity, time management, facilitating your family, facilitating your personal growth, and career development.

Know Your Non-Negotiables

Giana suggests being deliberate with your life and having non-negotiables that benefit you, and cannot be interrupted. Write them down, and stick to them. Communicate with your partner, and family so that everyone is on the same page.

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