Addressing Bias in Healthcare, for Patients and Professionals

Addressing Bias in Healthcare, for Patients and Professionals

Addressing Bias in Health Care with Christie VanHorne, CEO of CVH Consulting

Christy discusses the ways she is addressing bias in health care. She offers workshops for professionals as well as patients on how to become a better advocate for your own health. Whether you are a patient or a professional in public health or healthcare, this episode will be helpful to you.

Empowering Patients

There isn’t much research on this, but the research that does exist shows that empowering patients and giving them the tools to better communicate with doctors show great outcomes. They can and will become better advocates for themselves. Your relationship with your primary care provider is so important, so showing up informed and engaged will result in you receiving much better healthcare.

Empowering Patients Workshops

Christy offers three different workshops that can be taught in a series or individually, and separated for patients or professionals only. They are interactive workshops that involve lectures, learning scenarios, role-playing, and discussions where people can share their stories and receive support.

Workshop - The History of Bias in Medical Care

It lays the groundwork with presenting the history of bias in health care because you can’t address a problem that you don’t know is a problem.

Workshop - Finding A Partner in A Provider

The workshop is focused on how to find a provider that works as a partner for your care. It’s important to have a primary care provider that you can build a relationship with to get the proper care, correct diagnosis, appropriate medicine, getting referrals to therapy, etc.

Workshop - Planning and Story Telling

The workshop works on becoming better advocates of your own health by planning and prioritizing your appointments. It will go over how to tell your story to help the doctor understand what you are experiencing that will make them listen and have you feel empowered.

Some ideas the workshop goes over:

  • Asking your doctor what are the action steps after your appointment.

  • Elaborating on yes or no questions.

  • Work on an elevator pitch for the medical concern that you have.

Appointment Notes

It helps to plan for your next appointment. Bring someone that can take notes, so you can focus on interacting with your doctor. The main point is the reflective aspect. Ask questions like, how did my appointment go? What are the next steps I need to take? How did the provider make me feel? Is it a good fit? You always need to practice.

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