5 Self Care Tips for Navigating the Seasons of Life

5 Self Care Tips for Navigating the Seasons of Life

Give Yourself Space

A great way to not get overwhelmed is by giving yourself space. Head to the beach and get a change of scenery, or treat yourself to a spa day, or even try float therapy. The important thing is that you take a step back from everything, and decompress. It’ll allow you to remove yourself from the stressors, and give you a different perspective.

Find A Therapist

Find a therapist that can be your spiritual mother and mentor. It is always helpful to have a professional to speak to, and if they are a great fit for you, it could be even more beneficial! The goal of therapy is to heal or alleviate, symptoms of a concerning issue or concern, so it’s no wonder that a close and positive relationship with your therapist can be like having a nurturing, spiritual relationship.

Be Around Like-Minded Women

Surround yourself with women who are like-minded, and are doing similar things as you are. It’s important that you find people who can see your vision because they can believe in its reality as well. The goal is to be around those who will encourage you and support you. Attend church services or prayer groups. Go to a craft class. Anything that is going to stimulate your mind will help.


Spend 15-20 minutes every morning meditating to get your thoughts together before starting your day. Take deep breaths and release the negative energy you may have and say positive things. Allow your body to become completely relaxed. If you’re new to meditating you can even start with 5 minutes.

Be Grateful & Thankful

Find the simple things to be grateful for. You can be grateful for being alive, being able to put gas in your car, being able to keep the lights on. It’s about creating the habit so that you can have the mindset of looking for the positive side of things. It’ll help you alleviate anxiety and stress, as well as give you a better outlook on life.

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